Bizziebox Downtown Charleston

Yeaman Hall Drycleaning Bizzie Box

Just sign up online, then put your dirty clothes in a bizziebox laundry locker conveniently placed in your building. We text or email you when your clothes are cleaned. Then, simply pick them up when it's convenient. It's safe, it's simple, it's breakthrough.

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  • Bizzie Box Drycleaning Step 1
    Place your items in a locker and set a 4-digit code of your choosing.
  • Bizzie Box Drycleaning Step 2
    Place your order online or by using our convenient bizziebox app.
  • Bizzie Box Drycleaning Step 3
    When your order is ready, you will receive a text and email with the locker number and code.
  • Bizzie Box Drycleaning Step 4
    When it's convenient, go to the locker, enter the code and pick-up your clothes. It's just that easy!